Company Profile

Since its establishment in 1976, Hadas Building Inspection” has specialized in evaluating and inspecting building construction quality and in the identification and location of faults and incompatibilities with specifications and regulations.

The company provides services for private homes, apartments and other buildings throughout Israel.

The company’s engineers are graduates of the Technion in Haifa & higher education institutions and all have a broad and rich experience in engineering and in the provision of expert testimony in the courts and arbitration proceedings.

“Hadas Building Inspection” works closely with its clients, providing professional engineering consultation and services from the initial inspection and on through to the repair of faults and/or the payment of appropriate compensation.

The company’s experts specialize in a wide range of areas and maintain close relationships with lawyers, real estate actuaries and construction labs.

“Hadas Building Inspection” offers clients legal support including suggesting lawyers from across the country who specialize in construction faults.

They will provide an initial consultation, advice and first letter at no cost.

Tests and inspections provided by the company include:

– Building construction faults identification

– Damp inspection.

– Building inspection.

– New and second hand apartments Inspection.

– Renovations Inspection.

– Electrical and plumbing systems Inspection.

– Sealing inspecting

– Radiation inspection.

– Radon gas inspection

– Acoustic inspection.

– Flooring inspection.

– Identifying and locating leaks.

– Construction faults Identification.

– Authorized Expert Engineer Opinion

– Real estate appraisal.

– Legal consultation.

– Construction engineer.

– Tama 38.

– Construction supervision.

– Architectural advice.

Additional services

Mr. Eliezer Guchmann – CEO:

Mr. Guchmann is a graduate of Haifa’s Technion Faculty of Civil Engineering (1972 – Construction, Construction Management and Building management).

He is a graduate of the Technological Center’s Advanced Study program (Arbitration and Expert Opinions) and a graduate the Israeli Institute for Expert Opinions headed by its chairperson, Professor David Libai.

He is also a certified mediator (the “GOME” Institute) and is included in the list Israeli court approved mediators.

He has been active in the field of construction since 1972 and established the company in 1976.

– Building inspection across the country.

– Accredited expert on behalf of the Israeli Judges Association.

– Engineering arbitration.

– Planning public buildings.

– Engineering supervision of public and private buildings.

– Preparation of specifications and tenders for contractors’ bids.

– Registration in the D&B business index.

The company specializes in:

Hadas Building Inspection’s team of experts has accumulated decades of experience and, through the years, the company has constantly sought out and employed the very best experts in their respective fields from across the country.

Today they are an inseparable part of the company’s extended family.

Professionals with academic degrees, all with years of experience in their respective fields.

All have been exhaustively interviewed and examined to confirm their expertise so that they can become part of the company and provide the most professional, reliable and dependable services to all of Hadas Building Inspection’s clients.

The company’s engineers and experts perform professional and detailed inspections and examinations according to a check list that includes all building and construction elements and components.

Reports detail all construction faults identified during the inspection based on the following standards:

– Planning and Building regulations, 1970.

– Home Front Command Regulations, Bomb shelter construction specifications.

– Sanitation Installation Regulations, 1970.

– Inter-Ministerial General Specifications.

– The apartment’s technical specifications as per the Sales Law (Apartments), 1973.

– Apartment plans as attached to the purchase agreement.

– Court rulings relating to construction faults.

And more…

The company’s reports are admissible in the court as an Expert Opinion Report and the company’s engineer’s act as Expert Witnesses before the courts.

“Hadas” is supporting the customer through all the process and will, when necessary, recommends and makes available to you all the professional services provided by the best experts in their fields:

– Expert engineers with specialized expertize – in the event that an inspection is required for specific faults in explicit areas such as: acoustics, elevators, electricity, plumbing etc.

The company’s engineers act as arbitrators and witnesses before the courts.

Our engineers have carried out thousands of building inspections across the country and are extremely conversant with all construction regulations and laws that contractors must adhere to during building work.

The company’s engineers are experts at executing a thorough and comprehensive examination and inspection of a building and providing a detailed engineering report that is admissible before the court as expert testimony.

1. Real estate actuary – Assessors expert in evaluating a building’s depreciation due to construction faults and incompatibility with specifications and plans.

2. Legal – Expert lawyers specializing in construction regulations and laws (legal fees will be determined in a separate agreement between the client and the lawyer based on a percentage of the claim).

“Hadas” is at your service from start to finish, from the moment you get the keys and until you are totally satisfied!!!

Hadas Building Inspection supports and works with you in all discussions with the contractor.

From inspecting the building and identifying construction faults and all the way through the process until all of your apartment’s faults have been repaired and/or you have received suitable compensation.

Building inspection before hand over

We provide you with detailed information of all construction faults prior to final hand over.

The goal is to provide the occupant with details of all faults so that they can demand that the contractor/seller rectify and fix them prior to final hand over and their acceptance of the apartment.

This will relieve them of the unpleasantness and discomfort of living in an apartment whilst repairs are being carried out.

Building inspection after occupation

Inspection of the apartment after final hand over and occupation and/or after the acceptance/guarantee period.